If you are currently trying to

START your beauty business but you are

feeling overwhelmed by...

Social media

Getting new clients

Choosing where to work

AND what if I told you, you can have a thriving business without working in a big name salon and without having

thousands of social media followers??

“You finished beauty school…now what?” is a self-paced 100% online program with strategies to teach you how to set up your personal beauty business, in any working environment.
  • Setting up your business with confidence
  • Using social media to get real clients in your business
  • Creating your service list, schedule, pricing and policies
  • Setting yourself apart in a saturated industry

When I finished beauty school I did not know the first thing to do or who to go to. I didn’t know anything about the real world of the beauty industry and starting a beauty business. I failed at my first salon job because I didn't realize I was completely out of my league. This course is everything I wish I knew when I got started 15+ years ago.

Now my appointment book is so full I have to turn new clients away. I have also curated a clientele of work I enjoy doing.

This course will give you the knowledge and confidence to get your beauty business started.

Check out a sneak peak of the lesson list below.

Get started now!

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hi, I’m Jacqui Swan. I am a licensed Cosmetologist and have been working as a hairstylist for 15+ years.

3 years into my career I moved to a new city where I knew no one and I had to start all over.

After a year and a half I grew my business from the bottom all the way to having an overflow of clientele that want the services that I provide.

I have put everything that I have learned in an online course to help beginner beauty professionals get their beauty business started.

Upon completion of the lessons in this course and applying what it to your business you will have

  • gained the knowledge of salon payment structure
  • completed creating your work schedule, price list, salon policies
  • learned strategies for using social media to get clients

Who can benefit the most from

this self-paced course?

Newly licensed cosmetologists.

Or any other beauty profession this course is still for you BUT you would change the hair verbiage to the profession you are in.